Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Penelope by any other name would still be a Penelope

Are you a Penelope? Do you like your name or wished mom and dad had given you a different handle? Do you call yourself Penny or stick with the extended version? If your middle name were June or Janice or Jessie, you could call yourself PJ.  Can’t think of any other shorter versions of Penelope, can you?

Penelope comes from the Greeks and means weaver.  Something about being Odysseus’ wife and fending off suitors by weaving a tapestry and unraveling it at night while telling these love smitten guys, she needed to finish the blanket before she’d wed again.  Sounds like this chick was not in the husband hunting mode.  Today the name means loyal, capable and clever.

Those adjectives describe my character Penelope.  She’s all of those and more.  She doesn’t mind her name and is proud to be in the ranks of Penelopes. Just don’t call her Penny! Gets her riled.

Last thought. Lots of famous Penelopes out there . Penelope Leach. Penelope Ann Miller. And of course Penelope Cruz.  My friend Rick Bylina (see his guest blog) says Ms Cruz should play the mom when PENELOPE AND THE BIRTHDAY CURSE is made into a move. 

Now, I wonder who should play the part of Penelope in the movie? 


  1. Dakota Fanning's little sister should play Penelope.
    - - -
    And I'm a Penelope. There I said it. I wear those wollen caps all the time.

  2. Elle Fanning...a good choice. And glad to hear from a Penelope.