Monday, May 20, 2019

Writers write today!

Years ago I developed a philosophy. If you want to be an Olympic runner, you run everyday. Becoming a great surgeon means living in the operating room clutching a scalpel.  If you want to be a writer, then write everyday.

Grace Ann Watts wanted to be a writer while in her twenties but friends, parties, and fun stuff occupied her time. In her thirties, a husband and kids kept her busy. She also had a budding career in real estate to take care of. But she still dreamed of writing a novel.  Come her forties, she said her life was too busy but someday she'd get all those words on paper.  By fifty years old, things had settled in. Life was good. She dreamed often of the novel. Sixties meant retirement. More time.  But visiting family, seeing friends and relaxing ate up those hours. Grace died at 73.  The novel died with her.

Now it should be said that Grace led a great life, had a career, and family who stood by her side when she passed.  But she never wrote her novel because writing doesn't begin tomorrow.

Being a writer starts today.