Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Drum Roll Please

The sound of a rapidly beating drum fills the air. The crowd grows quiet and all eyes shift to the stage. The curtains part. The spotlight blinks on and the cymbal clangs. Ta-dah!!!! My latest book Strigoi: The Blood Bond is out.  The crowd cheers wildly.

On the verge of suicide after his wife leaves him, Alex Regal learns he has inherited property located in a small town deep within the mountains. Putting things on hold, he heads to Glade, hoping for something positive in his life. Getting there is easy but leaving proves to be impossible. A spell exists, keeping everyone captive in this hidden place.

The town of Glade is run by a Shapeshifter called the Strigoi. The creature needs to drink human blood to survive. Taking the form of a man or an animal, folklore about the Strigoi became the basis of stories about vampires or werewolves. Now Alex must discover a dark secret before he becomes the vampire's next meal.

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