Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Rick Bylina...On Preparing A Turkey For His Debut

(Today’s guest blogger is Rick Bylina, author of ONE PROMISE TOO MANY that will be released this summer. Like myself, Rick is swimming in the waters of self-publishing, learning to navigate. Please welcome Rick.)

I've been thinking about liposuction, Botox injections, getting one of those $500 haircuts, going to a fat farm, breast reduction, going on "America's Biggest Loser," getting laser eye surgery, dying my hair from red to black, cutting off the 40-year-old mustache, bulking up, and slimming down. I doubt
that Miss America pageant contestants have had as many different ideas run through their heads as they prepared to meet their public as I have in preparing for book cover picture. I will not, however, use Vaseline to allow my swimsuit to slide easier across my buttocks. Fortunately, there isn't a
swimsuit competition for authors, and I've never seen one in a swimsuit on the back cover of any novel. Nor, do I want to see most authors in swimsuits. I shudder. So, unless I'm willing to spend several hundred dollars to mislead my public into buying into a false idol with a spiffed up picture, I'm left with me, and a picture that demonstrates my unusual advantage, explaining my unusually fast writing speed.

-Rick Bylina
The only rule:  writers write! Everything else is a guideline.
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  1. Take digital shot. Move it into a decent photo-program. Do a little manipulation of effects -- black and white, etc. Get something going in the mood of the novel. With respect to all pro-photogs, I think the shots on book covers (very small by veryvery small) are not worth the investment.

  2. I think you look great! You're a writer, not a beauty queen. We wouldn't read your book if you were! :)

    I finally have a picture of me I like. I'm crouched down in the shadow of my motorcycle. :P

  3. That would make a fantastic cover for a cookbook! :>)