Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pre-Order Writing the Killer Mystery: Plotting the Murder (Volume 3)

Craft your Mystery Novel’s Plot to Intrigue Readers!!!

Let me show you how
  • Apply the Three Act Structure to the mystery novel
  • Understand rising tension and its use
  • Resolve mid-story writer's block
  • Incorporate Timelines into the story structure
  • Develop Opening Lines that draw the reader in
  • Plan a riveting story with complications and twists
  • End Act II on a dramatic note
  • Use the Dead End Dilemma
  • Reveal the murderer
  • Understand the five parts of a scene
  • Recognize the ten kinds of Cliffhangers
  • Define the mystery with Six Key Events
  • Develop an Event-driven Plot
In a Nutshell
This third book in the creative writing course, Writing the Killer Mystery, provides a strategy to develop a storyline for the murder mystery, covering plot structure, the opening, the middle story, the big reveal, and writing scenes, pulling everything together in an event-driven plot.

Help with your Mystery Novel
>>> Are you looking to take your murder mystery from concept to publication?
>>> Do you want to grow your writing knowledge and skills?
>>> Looking for a muse to help with writing your mystery novel?
>>> Are you stuck on some aspect of crafting your mystery?
>>> Do you sometimes have writer stall-out?

Let Writing the Killer Mystery series guide you with Volume 3, Plotting the Murder.