Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm a Movie Junkie

I admit it.  A writer should read, but give me a movie. 2 hours, 2 -1/2 tops, and I've whizzed through a complete story.  I gained insight into character development.  I get awesome ideas for setting.  And a plot structure can be analyzed.  Oh, yes. One thing more. I have been entertained.

That’s the key to a good movie or a good book.  If the watcher, or reader, doesn’t get drawn in so she cannot walk away, the first test has failed.  I has not been entertaining.  Here’s my most recent movie list.
THE KING’S SPEECH --Awesome movie, great glimpse of history and friendship

SALT -- Entertaining, that says it all

CRAZY HEART -- Complex characters in a doomed romance
THE RITE -- I like Anthony Hopkins

BASIC INSTINCT 2 -- Who-Done-It, I saw the movie and still don’t know

Are you a movie junkie? What’s your top 5 flicks?


  1. You know I'm a movieholic

    * Casablanca ("Here's looking at you kid.")
    * Shawshank Redemption ("Get busy living or get busy dying.")
    * Rocky ("Yo Adrian!")
    * The Maltese Falcon ("It's the stuff dreams are made of." - a line not in the book.)
    * The Godfather ("I'm gonna make you a deal you can't refuse. Buy Ron's book.")

  2. I have the rite to watch from netflix but have not made it that far, yet.

    I'll just go last five movies I watched:

    Godzilla vs King Kong - good, but I wonder what the original version was like
    UHF - Weird Al. 'nuff said :D
    Transformers 3 - better than 2. more action, less Megan Foxx's butt. (okay, no Megan Foxx at all)
    Empire of the Ants - hahahahahahahah!
    Big Meat Eater - too bizarre!

  3. Transformers 3! I got to watch that...but no Megan Foxx. :-(