Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Writing the Killer Mystery Volume 1 is out!

The best time to start your Mystery Novel is today!!!

Let me show you how

This first book in "Writing the Killer Mystery" series builds a strong background in the art while introducing 50 sub-genres and shows how to use the 5 Element Story Model to plan a Mystery Novel.

Read on for further detail. . .

Who is this for?

  • Beginners wanting to learn writing a murder mystery
  • Authors looking to expand writing knowledge and skills
  • Writers seeking inspiration and help with writer stall-out

My philosophy

  • Cover writing a murder mystery from idea to publishing in a 5 volume course
  • Articles can be read in sequence or jump around as needed
  • Information condensed in lists, bullets, key points, and numberings, with examples when needed
  • Not just teach writing a murder mystery but inspire and stimulate the imagination

Volume One, Great Beginnings

  • Mystery Writers and Their Sleuths
  • Understanding the Mystery
  • Types of Mysteries
  • Getting ideas
  • A plan for starting your Mystery Novel

Volume One Highlights

  • Review of 10 classic mystery writers and their contributions to the craft
  • The 5 Element Story Model
  • Rules of the Murder Mystery Story
  • The three basic types of a Murder Mystery
  • Discussion of 50 sub-genres
  • Seven methods to developing story Ideas
  • Summarizing a Mystery with the Story Model
  • Developing your Mystery Novel Plan
Watch for more books in coming months.

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