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Coming January 17, 2019

Finish and Sell your Mystery Novel!!!

Let me show you how
  • Build conflict and suspense into scenes
  • Write dynamic dialog
  • Use secrets and lies in your mystery
  • Fix plot, characters, and scenes
  • Self-Publish your book
  • Get a literary agent
  • Find a traditional publisher
  • Promote your book
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Build your author platform
In a Nutshell
This fifth book in the creative writing course, Writing the Killer Mystery, offers advice on finishing, revising, publishing, and marketing to make the mystery novel a success.
Help with your Mystery Novel
>>> Are you looking to take your murder mystery from concept to publication?
>>> Do you want to grow your writing knowledge and skills?
>>> Looking for a muse to help with writing your mystery novel?
>>> Are you stuck on some aspect of crafting your mystery?
>>> Do you sometimes have writer stall-out?
Let Writing the Killer Mystery series guide you with Volume 5, Getting It Right, Getting Paid.
Scroll up and grab a copy today!!!

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