Sunday, April 7, 2013

Back from the Ashes

I blogged a few weeks back about my publisher going out of business and I felt somewhat miffed. Not angry but greatly disappointed. But that didn’t last. In fact, I more feel sorry for them. I am sure it was someone’s dream to publish books that didn’t work. Dreams are dashed every day.

Sad thing is the business is very competitive. More and more writers enter the field to play the game. Many come with publishers, but many more are self-publishing. For the publishers, it become an interesting quandary. What can they add that separates them from the other publishers and self-publishers? That’s a hard question.

For me having someone wanting to publish my book was validation that I could write. But I wanted one thing more. Now I won’t spell it out because for another writer it might be something else. I don’t know what your one thing is.

This time, I decided to self-publish Claws of the Griffin.  I know how to get a cover done, how to get it printed in ebook and paper. I discovered the world of marketing and how hard it is. I still need to find that one thing, but for now I’m headed to press.


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  1. I want someone to do all my publicity work for me. Alas no publisher is going to do that, so i gave up the traditional dream awhile back ;) however, that's not to say it's not the right road for someone else.