Sunday, April 28, 2013

And a Publisher Is Born!

Claws of the Griffin is now available in Kindle and on Smashwords. After the upset of losing my publisher for the book, I made a comeback on this in about 30 days. I had a lot of great help from friends and family to get things back on track. TY everyone!

Some changes came out of this near catastrophe.  I started thinking if you can’t beat them, join them. So, I filed a DBA (doing business as) in my home state.  Officially I am now NIGHT WINGS PUBLISHING. Haven’t mapped out entirely where I'm going with this, but it does create some interesting possibilities.

This doesn’t mean I’ve given up totally on publishers, and I still am an Indie Author. My lit agent has my next book, The Witch’s Daughter, which is a paranormal mystery. I have gotten some positive comments back from publishers like, “a real page turner” and “shows promise.” But then in the same breath I hear, “not right for us.”  Here is the opening.

   “According to the police records, you assaulted a man at the After Hours Bar approximately 11:15 PM Saturday night.” The lawyer, a gray haired man wearing an Armani suit, custom made shirt and gold cuff links the size of golf balls, ran his finger down the page. “You broke Frederick Richards’ jaw requiring it to be wired shut. He received six stitches for a laceration above his left eye, and you broke his nose. Would you like to see the photos?”
    We sat at a table in the county jail room reserved for meetings between prisoners and lawyers and whoever else they’d let in. Metal brackets held the wood table and chairs to the floor. A mirror across one wall most assuredly had someone behind it, watching everything. The guard standing by the door wore no gun, but the one just outside did.
    The lawyer leaned forward and spread the photos in front of me. I had to admit it. Freddy looked like a train had hit him. “I should have broken his arms while I was at it.”

Hope to find a home for this one. Maybe it will be NIGHT WINGS PUBLISHING!

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