Saturday, March 30, 2013

Is Writing a Job?

This is where I tell you: no, it’s supposed to be fun. After all most of us hate our jobs.  Okay perhaps that’s a strong word, but I’ve never heard anyone say I can’t wait until Monday and go back to, and why don’t they let us work longer hours? But if you really really want to be a writer, then maybe it’s time to treat it like work. Or perhaps the better word is career. Then it don’t sound too bad.

What does a job take?

Make a schedule. Set aside time each day to write. Sometimes I’m not inspired to work, but that’s true of my other job that pays the bills. My boss still expects me to put in a full day. 

Start with a plan. My regular job sometimes seems a bit out of control, but buried somewhere are goals. Read email. Write documents. Go to a meeting. Solve problems.

Time management is the most difficult part of writing. I just can’t find the time.  Book Baby has a nice blog on it. Check it out!

Ron D. Voigts is the author of the Penelope Mysteries and the upcoming Claws of the Griffin to be released in April.

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