Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some Mid-Week Thoughts

Some things have changed.  I lamented a few days ago about being stuck in the pending status with Smashwords.  As of Monday I am now approved.  On June 7 my account indicates that THE BIRTHDAY CURSE shipped to Barnes and Noble and Apple.  So now I wait again as it takes 1 to 2 weeks to appear on those sites.

I was not comfortable with the TBD ship date to Amazon.  I know there have been negotiations between Apple and Smashwords.  I have heard in September maybe, but I am not a patient person.  So I opted out of shipping to Amazon and uploaded directly at  Did some reading at various blogs and my perception is that this is a good move.

Last thing to report: Joleene Naylor, the talented artist who did the Penelope image displayed on the blog, sent me the cover artwork for the CreateSpace book.  She did an awesome job.  I sat at my computer and stared at it thinking it is all finally coming together.  If a cover sells a book, then this one is a winner. (I'll share the actual artwork later after the book is upload.)

That is all for tonight. Catch you later...

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  1. I go directly through Amazon myself and recommend it. I've been very happy with how they handle things, there, so far :)