Friday, June 24, 2011

Just About There

The ebook version of PENELOPE AND THE BIRTHDAY CURSE is now available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Apple Bookstore and Smashwords. Although I have not figured out how to check, it is also available at Scroll motion, Diesel and Sony. Amazon and CreateSpace now carry the tradebook version. 

A few things that perplex me.  When on Amazon, I must search on the entire title to find the tradebook version, but the ebook only needs a partial.  Not sure why when finding one, the other version does not come up.  Another thing is tradebook description is missing on Amazon. I guess those things will sort out.

The entire effort took a little over 30 days.  Going in to the project, I had the front cover ready and an edited version of the book.  Only had to format for the platform I was printing on and with the help of designer Joleene Naylor, we go the back cover done.

That's how I did it. What would you do differently?

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