Friday, March 22, 2013

The Unsinkable Ron D. Voigts

What an exciting week this has been. Prosecutor seeks the death penalty for PunxsutawneyPhil for predicting the early spring, the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, and I get a Dear John letter from the publisher for my novel Claws of the Griffin. Okay, I’m kidding on the second thing. But on Monday, I was summarily informed: “As of March 18, Cool Well Press, Inc. is closing and liquidating its business due to the economy and lackluster sales. “ So close and yet so far!

Something strikes me about this situation. Publishers do not support their authors like in days of yore. These days publishers create covers, edit and format books, and pop them out in ebooks and paperbacks. They stop there. The author is much on his own to market the book. Just like writers flood literary agents and publishers with their queries, today’s publishers flood the market with books. “Let’s throw it at the wall and see what sticks.”

Am I giving up? In the words of The Unsinkable Molly Brown: “Sure I may be tuckered, and I may give out, but I won't give in!” And I’m off to get Claws of the Griffin published.


  1. Best of luck, Ron. I haven't given "traditional" publishers the slightest thought in more than three years. I don't need their validation, and neither do you.

    And since, as you so correctly say, they do no marketing (unless you're a King or Patterson or Clancy) who needs 'em?

  2. I agree with Tony. Im querying my novel to agents right now, but I haven't abandoned my self publishing timeline. Im either picked up by an agent by June, or self published by July. keep on, keeping on Ron.