Saturday, December 8, 2012

What irks you?

As I get older little things irk me more.  I’ve seen enough  in my life to realize that people don’t think. No common sense. Lost logic. The customer is #2. Here are few.

  • Carpet bulge. The carpet is only a few years old.  I’ve seen this before. Like the formation of the Rockies at the Continental Divide, the fabric of the floor rises up.   I heard somewhere that when the padding is incorrectly installed the bulge forms along a seam. Do carpet installers know about this?
  • Short Receipts. The receipt from the self-service gas pump presents approximately 1/8 inch of paper to pull it out.  Try pulling it out with with fat fingers. I’ve seen some so short they defy retrieval which may explain the occasional receipt hanging from the last gas purchase. Is paper that expensive to require such conservation?
  • Congregating in the Main Aisle. Old friends meet in the main aisle at the store, stop and talk while the rest of the shoppers take detours. They position themselves and their carts strategically to maximize the obstruction. Do they know about the in-store McDonalds at the front of the store where they could sit and chat over a nice cup of coffee?
  • Crisscrossed Cars. Corollary to the above. Two cars stopped in the street while the drivers talk. Lines of cars develop in both directions. Occasionally the drivers wave to the crowd and acknowledge they know about their lack of courtesy and may eventually move.  Why are they so rude?
  • Half-size Shoes. Beginning at size 10, many stores go to whole sizes in men’s shoes.  I wear 11-½. Size 11 hurts my toes and 12 will fall off my foot as a walk. Am I the only ½ size around?
  • Clothes Size. Similar to above. I admit I'm pudgy. XL shirt. Size 40 pants.  So why are my sizes limited. The hangars hold many S and M shirts.  Waist size of pants abound in 30 and 32. Have stores paid attention to overall size of people in our society?
  • Horn Blowing. Sitting in front of a house and blowing the horn. The walk to the front door is not that far. And perhaps whoever lives there could pay attention and peek out the window once and awhile to see if their ride has arrived.Where went courtesy?

There are some of my pet peeves. What irks you?

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