Saturday, December 22, 2012

End of the World, Tinsel Trees and Three Words for Christmas

December 21 came and went. The Mayan calendar ended, but the world didn’t.  Earlier this year Ron Weinland predicted the end of the world on May 27. That didn’t happen either. He claimed he made the predication based on the Bible.  Probably, he forgot to read Mark 13: 32.

It’s fun to play what-if.  I do it as a writer.  I imagine all types of things. Psychopathic killers, vampires and witches.  But when it comes to reality, I know the sun will rise tomorrow, the color of the sky will be blue and the farthest man has traveled in outer space is to the moon. But for a writer, creating the illusion of what’s real when it isn’t is the goal.

Back in the 50’s when I was in grade school, I recall our 4th grade class had a sliver metal tree. Tinsel sticking out of steel rods made up the branches. A color changing spotlight on the side changed from blue to red to green and started over. I thought how beautiful and tried, unsuccessfully, to get my parents to invest in a tinsel tree.

Tinsel trees went away, and I grew to appreciate green natural-looking trees.  For a time, my family wiyh went real tree although finally went back to artificial, yet green and realistic. Then yesterday while shopping with my wife at Kohls, checking out the discounted items, I saw them. Tinsel trees in pink, sky blue and lime green.  They even had a white one.  They say everything comes around; it seems that is true for Christmas too.

I did an interview recently for Bittersweet Enchantment.  One question was: in three words tell what Christmas means to me.  I know its Christ’s birth, but I wanted sum it with a message. This was my answer.

Peace and Goodwill.

God’s blessing to all on this joyous Christmas

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