Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Friday Sales to Kick Off Your Holiday Reading

You say you're tired of the same old stories? You're half way through that mystery and know who did it. You've read one to many cozies and need something different? May I invite you to try out one of my books.

Were you the feisty kid growing up and found yourself always one step ahead of the adults?  Then you'll identify with Penelope as she sleuths her way through a murder at her home while a snow storm rages outside. This is Nancy Drew on steroids with a touch of the Addams Family thrown in for good measure. Grab a copy at Amazon for the holidays. Black Friday special Thursday thru Sunday. Four day for 99 cents.


Do you want something with a bit more bite to it?  (Bad pun intended.) Tired of sparkling vampires?  This is a mystery too.  Another who dun it with a twist at the end. Something by a twisted writer. (That's me. ) In this one, good guy Alex Regal is stuck in a town run by a bad-ass vampire and he really doesn't want to stay for dinner.  Some people die. Somebody did it. Betting you can't figure it out until you get to the end.  This one goes for 99 cents beginning Thanksgiving Day and for four days only.


Ever wonder what a washed up reporter, Gothic witch and demented psychic have in common?  (Probably not.)  Find out in the first installment of the Cavendish Brown Paranormal Mystery series as the trio goes on the hunt for killer/kidnapper while Cavendish deals with an old girlfriend who embezzled over a million dollars from the mob. Can't discount this one but guarantee you'll like this read too. Costs only $4.95.


There you have it. What a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season but with a little murder, mayhem and mystery.

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