Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Three Movies to Scare You Silly

One type of horror movie that I enjoy is the classic religion vs. the devil.  The premise is some malevolent force, traceable back to the devil, is out to doom mankind or  single person or somewhere in between.  The classic is of course The Exorcist with the demonic possession of a 12 year old girl and the attempts by two priests to rid her of the evil by exorcism. In 1973 this was a scary film that frightened people with the idea that the devil could be lurking anywhere.  I had a cousin back then, in his twenties, who slept with the lights on for a month after seeing it.

The Exorcist (YouTube)

My all time favorite is Stigmata with Patricia Arquette (of the TV series Medium) as Frankie, a young woman who finds herself possessed with the wounds experienced by Christ while on the cross. Hands bleeding as if pierced, feet bleeding, thorn marks on herhead, lashes to her back and her side pierced are signs of the Stigmata, and Frankie manifests them during the movie, one by one.  Enter into the picture a priest whose faith has faltered, trying to help her.

Stigmata (YouTube)

The most recent movie I've come across is Deliver Us From Evil.  Three soldiers bring back a demonic presence that goes up against a beat detective whose faith has waned and a priest who offers a fresh look at religion.  This movie is dark with chilling effects.  

Deliver Us From Evil (YouTube)

There you have my picks for scary movies with religious overtones. Do you have a favorite?

Ron D. Voigts is the author of paranormal mystery-thriller Strigoi The Blood Bond and coming March 2015, The Witch's Daughter.

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