Friday, November 28, 2014

I don't mind you hitting me, Frank, but take it easy on the Bacardi.

For me Christmas begins with Black Friday, though the real reason is the day after Thanksgiving. My daughter doesn’t want to think of Christmas until December 1st arrives, and for many retailers and advertisers, it begins right after Halloween when the jack-o-lanterns are tossed into the garbage, haunted houses close, and black cats become family pets again, not harbingers of evil.  O, Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum, how green are your leaves.Traditions kick in. Decorations go up. Carolers sing and revelers revel.  

One of my little things is to deck the halls, er I mean the house, and decorate the tree while playing Scrooge movies on the DVD player. I have a collection and have enjoyed many more when they show up on the cable roundup.  A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart, George C. Scott, Jim Carrey, Reginald Owen, and Kelsey Grammar. Scrooge  with Alistair Sim, Albert Finney, Seymor Hicks, H. V. Esmond, Warren Graves, and Bransby Williams. And perhaps one of the more unusual twists is Scrooged with Bill Murray, playing the part of Frank Cross, a modern day Scrooge.

One my favorite scenes is when Frank’s old boss, Lew Hayward, arrives as the equivalent Jacob Marley to tell Frank he will be visited three ghosts. Of course, Frank (Scrooge) doesn’t want to hear it.  Well, here is cut from YouTube, via

I got more tree trimming to do so gotta run.  “Bah, humbug!” and “God bless us one and all.”

Ron D. Voigts is the author of dark mysteries and the Penelope Mystery Series.  His novel Strigoi, The Blood Bond is available on Kindle, and for the holidays check out Penelope and The Christmas Spirit.

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