Monday, October 21, 2013

Something darker than a Vampire

I took a writing course a long, long time ago.  When asked what I wanted to write about, I chose vampires.  The teacher did not approve of my choice. Vampires had been done already. Nothing new could be written about them. The subject had been overdone.   In the end, I yielded and turned my back on a story of a blood drinking creature.

As a I said before this was a long, long time ago.  As it happens, Anne Rice made quite a career of writing about her vampires,--her most famous being The Vampire Lestat.  Stephenie Meyer brought us the Twilight series that answers the question if the all American girl can find happiness with a vampire. Then there are a host of movies and TV Shows, like We Are The Night, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Let Me In (Let The Right One In).

Perhaps the most famous is Dark Shadows that started in 60's as a soap opera about the life (or is that death?) of Barnabas Collins. Most recently Johnny Depp appeared in the title role in the 2012 remake. Here is the trailer.


Next year, my first vampire story will be out.  I hesitate to call it a vampire, but something more sinister.   As Sally in the story says, "Vampire is the invention of writers like Bram Stoker. Before the book, there was the Strigoi."

Watch for it next year.


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