Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Broken Pen for Tom Clancy

I’ve asked myself this question frequently. So many other things interest me. At one time, I was a magician, doing sleight of hand. I know I should exercise more; I love taking long walks. Technology fascinates me and I used to tinker with computers and software. But most of these things I’ve dropped, so I’d have enough time to hit the keyboard and churn out words.

Some innate drive buried deep inside us compels writers to tell stories and weave tales.  Happiness. Sadness. Adventure. Drama. Mystery. Comedy. Love. Death.  These are the things that drive us to write and become writer.

This past week, the world lost one of the greats. Tom Clancy died at the age of 66.  He’d brought the world the Techno-Thriller, entertaining millions with words.  His first book, Hunt for Red October, became an overnight bestseller, followed by sixteen more hits.  Here is a cut from the movie.

In magic, when a magician dies, a wand is broken in his honor to mark the end of the magic.  For Tom Clancy, a pen has been broken to mark the end of words.

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