Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summertime TV Fun

June is here and summer around the corner. One of the sadder parts of this time of year is that my favorite TV shows go on hiatus until the fall or in some cases later for the midseason startups.

One new show that zoomed to the top of my got-to-watch list in Elementary on CBS. A modern day Sherlock Holmes in NYC provides consulting detective services to the NYPD. A recovering addict, Holmes' sober companion is Joan Watson, a surgeon who dropped her practice after losing a patient.  Sherlock is edgy and off the wall, while Watson brings calm and stability to the crime solving duo. Moriarty is one of Holmes' nemesis, who makes a startling appearance in the season's finale. 

A midseason show, Bates Motel caught my attention.  This is a prequel to the classic Hitchcock thriller, Psycho. Freddie Highmore plays a young Norman Bates and looks as if he could be Anthony Perkins’ younger brother. The show fills in gaps like how Norman became interested in taxidermy and how he was molded into someone who later kills a woman in a shower with a big knife. I’m sure this one will be back next season.

One of my favorites is Being Human, which answers the question: can a werewolf, vampire and ghost be roommates? The show chronicles their plight to live normal lives. Third season ended and I am looking for a fourth.

One show coming up near end of this month is Under the Dome, a Stephen King epic turned into a mini-series. A small Maine town is suddenly separated from the rest of the world by an invisible dome. What’s inside stays in and what’s outside stays out.

What are you watching this summer?

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