Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back to Book Selling 101

Everything is in place.  The last thing to do was getting Claws of the Griffin in paperback format out there.  I fretted for awhile about the cover spine where the the title and author name didn't center as I'd hoped. I examined the artwork closely and found that everything was dead on right. The answer is the limits of the printer. Covers are designed with a bleed area; in other words, the cover extends slightly beyond edges of the designed print area. The reason is to allow for variation in the print process.  My day job is engineering and we call this tolerance.  The net result was the off center title and name. Bottom line: it is what it is.

Now comes the tough part of writing. Promotion.  Although I am a believer that a good story is key to success, getting noticed is the hard part. I wrote a column a while back on things to do to promote a book. I also found some ideas on Book Baby. #7 Banners/Ads is one area I need to think about, and #11 Book Trailer may be the way to go.

Ron D. Voigts is the author of the Penelope Mysteries and Claws of the Griffin for "big kids."

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