Sunday, January 15, 2012

Twitter -- My Rules, My Way

Oh, my! Who do I follow back?  What do I do if they unfollow me?  Who should I follow?  Okay. Here are my rules.

1. Cutesy names and pictures of pretty women do not get a follow back, unless they have a bio, recent tweets and say something of value in those tweets. I have no clue why, but every week I get a follow by some knock babe with a name and that is all. Not sure what's the angle.

2. If I can't read the language, I do not follow back. Why should I? How in the heck would I know what they're saying?

3. I prefer a picture of someone. Not a part of the body. Not a pet. Not some abstract scene. The goal is to follow a person.

4. Having something in common is always nice.

5. Unfollow me and I'll unfollow back. Guaranteed.

6. If the follower/following count is low, I do not initiate the follow. Some people just want to be left alone. But I will follow back. Hey, we all started sometime.

7. If the follower ratio is a lot larger than the following, I hesitate. Either this person doesn't understand the concept of a social network, thinks they are too important or is important. On the latter I look for the check mark in a blue circle.

8. I hesistate when the followers and followings are in the tens of thousands. Gets me to thinking this is a collector.

9. Have any of the following in the bio or tweet and I do not follow back. Profanity. Perversion. Sexual innuendos.

10. People with follower and following ratios that are close or following a tad bigger are okay. These are people looking for twitter buddies.

Ron D. Voigts is the author of Penelope And The Birthday Curse and Penelope And The Ghost’s Treasure, both available at Amazon.


  1. Oh man you nailed it on the head...excellent...

  2. My number one reason for not following back is if there is an egg instead of a face. Sorry, if I can't see you, I'm not going to follow you. Actually, the main reason is because of being spammed. I also will unfollow. It really bothers me when someone is sending out a ton of follow requests then they unfollow you. That's just wrong. I agree with all your reasons. Happy Tweeting!

    1. Ciara, I agree. Don't know how I missed that one. The egg does not get my follow back.

  3. Replies
    1. Dave, you must be in the club because we're following each other on Twitter. :-)

  4. This is how my brain seems to be working too. I just never sat down and thought about it until now. Isn't it a WHOLE new way to social network. I really have no idea what I'm doing either. But hey. I am learning, and I'm able to laugh at my blunders, so all is fun.

  5. I follow anyone who follows me and is not 1- locked 2 - an obvious spammer 3- trying to sell me marketing/art/services/etc. I'm sure there's some more. I don't have any foreign language ones - see? you're just popular all over :p That said, I don't do much on twitter, I admit it.