Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lessons Learned in Self-Publishing, part 14…The end (?)

My goal was to tell about my experience getting three ebooks and two paperbacks published. I took this journey, hoping to help other authors looking to self-publish or struggling along the way.  So many things did not get in, but hopefully I enough is out there to clear away some of the fog. And from time to time, I will come back with a new observation or something useful.

I wanted to say thanks to the guest blogger who shared the same vision.  I know they are excited like me to see more authors self-publishing and be successful. Here they are in order of appearance with some of their books. Click a link and take a look. They have some great stories to tell.

Rick Bylina

Tony McFadden

Joleene Naylor

Thanks again, guys!

Ron D. Voigts is the author of Penelope and The Birthday Curse and Penelope and The Ghost’s Treasure, both available at Amazon.


  1. Thanks so much! It was a pleasure doing a guest blog!

    Do you have a sort of table of contents page for the series I can link to? I looked and didn't see one, but i am sometimes blind ;)

  2. A great idea! I will put out a TOC in the next posting.