Sunday, August 14, 2011

Writers Wanted -- Apply Below

I am soon to release my second novel PENELOPE AND THE GHOST'S TREASURE, a tween mystery. Here is brief summary.

Penelope Amour isn't happy when her globe-trotting parents send her off to an exclusive private school. It's a made-over hotel, with lots of history and secrets. Because she is a bit offbeat, the denizens of the school aren't so happy with her, either. Penelope's not in class ten minutes when her teacher drops dead in front of her. There are plenty of suspects, a friendly ghost, and a second murder. There starts a story of intrigue, betrayal and lots of humor. Penelope, with the help of an equally quirky chemistry teacher, and her other misfit classmates, solves a mystery.

I am looking for authors who would peruse, read or skim the book and write a brief blurb suitable for a back cover or inside the ebook.  Why do this? Beside being a good person, this is an excellent way to get some free advertising, since I will include your name and a book title. In the ebook I can hyperlink your wesite back to your name .  Plus down the road you too may need someone to give you a review.

If interested contact me:  ron (at) penelopemystery (dot) com.  I will send you a pdf file of the ebook. I do have a deadline and will be releasing the ebook around Sept 10 and followed closely by the paperback version.

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