Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another five star review...yawn!

Five star reviews. Yep, I got some.  Seems like everyone has five stars. The more the merrier. 
Got me thinking that if all are five stars then is that the new average? I remember in school that grades came on curve. A few got A’s, some B’s, most C’s and, yes, there were the D’s and F’s. Now if all got A’s what value is the grade system?

How about those 50 five star reviews that all sound the same?  Use to be a name for that. It’s called stacking the deck, voter fraud and, hey, no one is fooled.  Personally I look for the four stars and three stars. Toss in a two star from time to time.  Then I have an idea of who the audience is.

Abe Lincoln had it right about fooling all the people all the time.  


  1. You'd love the review section for my second book, then ;) LOL!!

  2. Fifty 5 star reviews. Heck, I'm not sure I have fifty 5 star friends. Oh wait, I can invent them then everyone will like me. Yeah, no one will ever know. Penelope, a 4.8736524 star book, but Amazon doesn't do the decimal system. 5 stars and give me more. - Jill

  3. I have to admit that if everyone does have a 5 star rating there is no point in having a rating system. I guess my question is, does "everyone" have a 5 star rating? It is very possible that many have a 5 star rating or even a large number as opposed to "all."