Sunday, November 24, 2019

DIY Book Trailers and Other Video Feats

Old English adage says: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Then it follows a video must be worth a million.

Everything these days is video. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Video communication is a way of life now.  And its one of the best ways to promote books.

A few years back, the only way to get a book trailer was hiring a professional company and pay a few hundred bucks.  Then prices dropped and people popped up on who could do it for less than a hundred. But still costs could be a little pricey. I mean for $50 I can have a really good meal out or buy myself some nice duds.

But now comes the do-it-yourself age.  I have recently created some of my own book trailers.  Cost: my time and creativity.  Here is one for my book The Fortune Teller’s Secret.

Like? Okay, I know you can do better.

I created the book trailer at

Invideo lets you make your own video for just about anything.  They have all the bells and whistles. Special effects. Music. Stock video and pictures. Titles and text. Enhancements and stickers. Even upload your own pics and video. 

Pricing…$48 yearly for pro version, $180 for business.  I am only pro for now.
Try it out for free at

Here’s another book promo  I made.

Worried you will never be able to learn all this good stuff.  Check out this course at Udemy.

Bottomline: make your book promos and save big time.

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