Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Not afraind of "Fear The Walking Dead"

Okay, I probably expected a lot. I am a die hard "The Walking Dead" fan.  I have a t-shirt with the logo "Fight or Die," a ball cap with "Fight the Dead, Fear the Living," and "The Walking Dead" PJ bottoms. Yeah, I'm grown up.

**Spoiler alert**
Don't read on if you have not seen but plan to see the pilot of FTWD

I watched the pilot last night and was not impressed. It was a basic horror movie plot. No surprises. Nothing unexpected. Just same old-same old.

The basic plot goes like this: the least credible person in the plot witnesses something bad and supernatural. No one believes him. Even after the obvious, no one buys into the the bad thing. Finally when everyone is confronted by the bad thing,  they finally believe.

FTWD goes like this: doper kid witnesses zombie chowing down on a body in an old church. Of course, no one  believes him, including police, mom and mom's boyfriend.  Boyfriend goes to the church. No zombies, but blood covered walls and puddles of blood on floors.  He admits something bad happened, but gallons of blood does warrant calling police, I guess. Only at end when confronted by a zombie do they believe.

Now does this mean I won't watch. Not at all.  Let's see what the next few episodes bring.

Here are first three minutes of the pilot.

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