Saturday, January 18, 2014

Killer Bats on Patrol

Friend of mine catches a picture in the news this week of cute little bats wrapped in blankets. Little possum like face peak out of snug little wraps.  Story goes they were orphaned during flooding off the Gold Coast of Australia.

"How big do you thing those little guys are?" I ask.

She raises hand and looks down at it, wiggles her fingers.  I knew she was thinking not too big. Some bats are no larger than a thumb.

"They're big when grown up. Really Big," I say.

"How big?" she asks.

We look up a video on YouTube and watch to remarks of "Oh, my gosh!" and "Good grief!" The largest can have a wingspan of almost six feet. Because of the head shape, they are sometimes called flying foxes. Good news they eat fruit and nectar. Yep! No blood suckers hear.

I figure have a couple of these six foot creatures hanging from the rafters in the house and you won't need  burglar alarm or door lock.  Just hang a sign out front. 



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