Sunday, February 3, 2013

Being a Monster

A TV series that has captured my attention recently is Being Human from the SYFY channel. The storyline centers around three roommates living in dreary house in Boston.  Aidan is a vampire who has turned his back on his former lifestyle, and most times he is not too successful. Josh, the werewolf, fears for the safety of those he loves when a full moon arrives. Sally, a 23 year-old ghost, longs for the life she had before being murdered. They all have one thing in common—a desire to be human. The story examines a larger theme of the monster in us--coping day-to-day, putting on a face that says everything is all right, when it’s not, and what to do when you fall down. 

Monsters fill the news.  A man kidnaps a small boy off a school bus.  The leader of a country wages a war against its citizens. AA father kills his family. An inmate serving a life sentence injures a guard and escapes. Monsters are always with us.

Things aren’t black and white.  The good guys don’t wear white hats and the bad, black.  The job of a writer is to explore the gray, seeing the good and evil in everything.  Our heroes have black marks on their hearts. Our villains reach out for understanding. The books we write are made of the monsters we create.

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