Friday, July 6, 2012

Review of DEVIL'S LAIR by David Wisehart

I’m a sucker for Templar Knights, so the cover of Devil’s Lair by  David Wisehart grabbed my attention immediately.  I began reading and found myself hooked.  Beside the excellent writing, I love a good quest.

Four of the most unlikely characters have taken upon themselves to travel to Hell and retrieve the Holy Grail. William of Ockham, a Friar Minor, excommunicated by a heretic pope and hunted by the Inquisition, leads the band of misfit characters. Accompanying him are Giovanni Boccaccio, a poet accustomed to fine clothes, good food and the company of courts, and Nadja, an epileptic woman with the power of second sight. Along the way they collect Marco de Roma, a knight who has lost his memory and his purpose. The journey leads them on an adventure that takes them through the nine levels of suffering located within the Earth to meet with the ultimate villain, Lucifer. 

I liked this book for so many reasons.  The writing is rich and detailed.  The quest is a noble and ranks with the great ones, like the Iliad, and the Odyssey.  The story is laced with well-known characters from history and practical wisdom. I give this book a big five thumbs up.


  1. I'm in the "just finished the 1st draft and planning the next one" stage, giving me some time to read...might check this one out.