Saturday, April 14, 2012

That Was Then, This Is Now

One year has passed since I launched my blog.  My mission was to chronicle self-publishing for my sake and for anyone looking to head out on their own.   I produced a series called “Lessons Learned in Self-Publishing,” offered writing advice and sometimes just wrote about what was on my mind.
Today I am not the same writer I was a year ago.  I like to think I am savvier, have some experience tucked under my belt and know where I want to go.  I have made some changes and plan to do more. 

First, I plan to change the focus of the blog. Up to now I have been writing to other writers; now my plan is to write to readers. Not sure how I’m going to get there, but I didn’t know much about self-publishing a year ago and I arrived. 

Next thing in my plans is to launch a website to showcase myself and my writing.  I wrote some HTML a decade ago, so this will be a new experience.  My daughter who is a graphic designer tells me a lot has changed in that time. Watch for the website coming this summer.

My writing will be changing too. Up to now I’ve written middle-grade books, bringing an Agatha Christie, thriller-suspense genre to a younger audience. Moving forward I plan to bring my mysteries to big kids, aka adults. More on that in a minute.

I’m not giving up on the MG books and in fact have a blog tour starting April 20.  Here is a schedule for anyone wanting to follow along.
Now the final piece of news. A few weeks ago I signed a contract with Cool Well Press to publish my debut mystery novel, Claws of the Griffin. Peter Reynolds, a rich northerner, heads to a rural town in North Carolina for an ex-girlfriend’s funeral.  He finds himself embroiled with moonshiners, good-ole-boy politics and a sociopathic killer. When the ex-girlfriend’s seven-year-old son inherits the family farm, 875 acres of prime land, Peter has his hands full outsmarting conniving relatives and a greedy businessman, all with their eyes set on getting the property. Claws of the Griffin is a roller coaster ride of mystery, mayhem and murder, Southern style.

I’m looking forward to all the great things happening.

Post Script: Just spotted my bio on the Cool Well Press website. Way cool! Check it out at


  1. Hello Ron,
    I am now one year into my indie-publishing adventure. My focus has changed to writing more and less blogging. It is good to see that I am not the only one who is in the middle of this adventure.

    ;-) Cyn

  2. Good luck, Ron. Personally, so far I have found the blogging completely overwhelming. I enjoy writing essays and write and post those every few weeks, but posting something several times a week, forget about it. For now anyway. Good luck and say to Andy and Barney for me.

  3. Thanks for sharing your adventure, Ron. I've tried to set up Penelope with a 14-yo boy in the neighborhood, but he said he wants to live. "Are you sure she isn't a serial murderer by proxy?" Kid has a point.

    Write on!

    By the way, the link from the first site of the blog tour doesn't necessarily get you to the second site correctly. Hmm.

  4. The links on the first blog stop are wrong. A later blog tour has the same mistake. I mentioned to the blog tour coordinator but don't think it helped....Penelope was not amused. ;)

  5. I, too, tried to tell other writers about the vagaries of the writing game. I have written several Op. Eds. on the subject over the years, but to date I do not know that my advice has been of much use.
    Most have been published on my blog and other places on the Internet. I hope some benefit has been derived from the effort.
    Keep up your work, Ron. All we can do is try.

    Best Regards,