Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Interview on Bittersweet Enchantment

Check out my Interview on Bittersweet Enchantment. I am excited about it for a number of reasons.  First, it gave me a platform to talk about my book PENELOPE AND THE BIRTHDAY CURSE. Second, if you scroll down to the end of the article, there's a place to enter a drawing for two free copies of the book to be given away in a few days. Finally, the blog and interview are by daughter Beckie.

Beckie has done a fine job on developing her blog, reviewing books and making friends in the literary world. I have a great respect for book reviewers after seeing how busy she gets.  Almost every week someone sends are a book  to read and review.  How she keeps up with it is beyond me.

If you have time, stop by and check out her blog Bittersweet Enchantment, checkout my interview and enter the contest to win a free copy of the PENELOPE AND THE BIRTHDAY CURSE.

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