Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What do you hate about writing?

For me it’s the first draft. Getting the words on paper. The story is in my brain, but getting it out is the challenge. I write some words and realize it doesn’t really say what is going on. I’m a pacer so I get up and walk around.  Some days I only get a hundred words out. I try little tricks.  Write only the dialog; then come back later and fill in the in-between parts.  Add notes about what happens and go on with plans to rewrite later.  But once I get it roughed in, I embrace the rewriting.  I can over and over the same thing until it sounds just the way I like.

What do you like... or don't like about writing?

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  1. It's the middle 35,000 words where I'm supposed to keep it interesting for Jane and John Doe reader when in truth I want to flashforward to the fantastic ending that is fermenting in my brain only to realize after I've written the 35,000 words that my brain's not that fantastic after all and it's time to rework the beginning and ending based on the reality of what the story has become. That moment of realization usually is only assaged (sp) by some Extreme Moosetracks ice cream.

    -Rick Bylina
    The only rule: writers write! Everything else is a guideline. Updated 5/29/11.