Monday, April 25, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Shortly after I had written the first Penelope mystery and placed it with the agent, my friends urged me to write a second. Can't have a series with only one book.  Publishers will be looking for the next book. Best time to write it is when the characters are fresh in your mind. So I embarked on the second one.

Creating a series meant reoccurring characters, something I didn't plan for in the first book.  The environment had to be conducive to more books. Conflicts needed to sustain between installments.  Enemies. Feuds. Friends.  I looked over some of the current YA literature and took the cues. I wrote the next book: PENELOPE AND THE GHOST'S TREASURE.

Afterward I wondered if it had been a good idea.  I now had two stories peddle. Penelope #1 and #2. For a long time I regretted the decision of writing a second book.  Selling two books on the same subject seemed doubly hard.

 Now with plans to self-publish, I foresee the choice a good one. In fact it seems only logical to have third novel.  So I have started writing Penelope #3.  PENELOPE AND THE MOVIE STAR.

Schedule: PENELOPE AND …

THE MOVIE STAR                      SUMMER 2012

Catch you later…

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  1. I think having more than one book when you're self-publishing is a plus. It gives the impression you're seriously into writing and not a fly-by-nighter. Good luck with your indie efforts!