Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amanda Hocking, a Self-Published Mega-Success

In my quest to self-publish, I decided I needed a business model to follow—finding someone who has successfully done this.  My first pick is Amanda Hocking.  This young lady after unsuccessfully finding a publisher decided to publish her own books in paper format and e-reader.  From the time she started in April 2010 until her blog posting in February this year, she sold 900,000 books. The e-reader books went for $.99 and $2.99; paperbacks at $8.99.  No matter how you do the math, she is doing very well! I heard that Ms. Hocking will be soon buying her fist house and paying cash!  Internet buzz today is she signed a four book deal with St. Martin's that exceeded $2 million. Not bad for starting out at $.99 each. And now she can buy a Mansion!

YouTube video:

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