Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Countdown Continues to Release Day

Yeppers, I am EXCITED about the upcoming release of The Fortune Teller's Secret, Book 2 of A Cavendish Brown Paranormal Mystery.  You can now pre-order the book and be ready to rock-n-roll on release date.

Maybe you're saying, "Sorry, dude.  Didn't read the first one. Will be too confusing."  Here is more good news. Book 1, The Witch's Daughter, is available for only 99 cents. WOO-HOO!  This price is only available until March 18 so ACT NOW.  (Sorry, I am shouting again. Blushes.)

Coming March 13 will be blog tour hosted by Silver Dagger Book Tours. Stay tuned for more info.

Here is a quick wrap-up of where to get the books.

The Witch's Daughter from Kobo Books for 99 cents

The Witch's Daughter from Smashwords for 99 cents

The Witch's Daughter from Amazon for 99 cents

The Fortune Teller's Secret (Pre-order) from Kobo Books

The Fortune Teller's Secret (Pre-order) from Smashwords

The Fortune Teller's Secret (Pre-order) from Amazon

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Fortune Teller's Secrect


A dead man on a Ferris wheel and a cold-case murder take Cavendish Brown into a world of carnival freaks, ghosts, and killers.

The annual carnival comes to Maiden Falls, a small town in the West Virginia Mountains, but everything is not merry. The ghost of a woman appears to Cavendish Brown, a carnival worker lies dead aboard a car on the Ferris wheel, and a bullied teenager plots to kill people at the carnival with a homemade bomb.  More complications arise. Cavendish again butts heads with the local sheriff, Clinton Pike. Marbella Wellingway, owner of the newspaper where Cavendish works, receives a visit from the Angel of Death. And a Fortune Teller at the carnival knows something that could forever change Cavendish’s life.  With the aid of Jane, a disturbed psychic, and Alexandra, a Goth witch, he must find the killer, help the mystery woman, and risk his life to prevent more deaths. Book #2 in the Cavendish Brown Paranormal Mystery series brings readers a fast-paced thriller of suspense and the supernatural.

** Check back for further details **