Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Writing the Killer Mystery Volume 1 is out!

The best time to start your Mystery Novel is today!!!

Let me show you how

This first book in "Writing the Killer Mystery" series builds a strong background in the art while introducing 50 sub-genres and shows how to use the 5 Element Story Model to plan a Mystery Novel.

Read on for further detail. . .

Who is this for?

  • Beginners wanting to learn writing a murder mystery
  • Authors looking to expand writing knowledge and skills
  • Writers seeking inspiration and help with writer stall-out

My philosophy

  • Cover writing a murder mystery from idea to publishing in a 5 volume course
  • Articles can be read in sequence or jump around as needed
  • Information condensed in lists, bullets, key points, and numberings, with examples when needed
  • Not just teach writing a murder mystery but inspire and stimulate the imagination

Volume One, Great Beginnings

  • Mystery Writers and Their Sleuths
  • Understanding the Mystery
  • Types of Mysteries
  • Getting ideas
  • A plan for starting your Mystery Novel

Volume One Highlights

  • Review of 10 classic mystery writers and their contributions to the craft
  • The 5 Element Story Model
  • Rules of the Murder Mystery Story
  • The three basic types of a Murder Mystery
  • Discussion of 50 sub-genres
  • Seven methods to developing story Ideas
  • Summarizing a Mystery with the Story Model
  • Developing your Mystery Novel Plan
Watch for more books in coming months.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Where's it's at December 2017?

The Fortune Teller's Secret

The year 2017 is wrapping up, and it has been a busy year.  Book 2 in the series, Cavendish Brown Paranormal Mystery, came out.  The Fortune Teller's Secret is available at all major retailers.  Here are the cover and some quick links.

Get at . . .


Preliminary Website for Ron D. Voigts

I've been working on website design.  Here is a link to the site I have been working on. Not all the links work but you get to see all my books.  Check it out here.

Writing the Killer Mystery

I've embarked on writing a series on writing mysteries.  Ideally, it will cover five volumes. The first to be released early next year. Here are the planned volumes.
Volume 1: Great Beginnings
Volume 2: Compelling Characters
Volume 3: Plotting the Murder
Volume 4: Nuts and Bolts
Volume 5: Critiquing, rewriting, and selling

That's enough for now.  Best to you in the New Year

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Black Friday

Penelope and The Birthday Curse
On Sale!

Sometimes birthdays can be deadly

An isolated mansion in the country...stranded in a snowstorm...someone is murdered on Penelope's birthday.

But who did it?

  • Her gangster uncle on the run from the law
  • Or the Broadway actress who's her own biggest fan
  • Maybe the jealous husband
  • Don't forget about the mob hitman hiding in the woods behind the mansion
A young fortune teller weaves a tale of a gypsy curse where three people will die. And it happens on Penelope's 13th birthday. While the adults bumble along, trying to discover the killer, Penelope sleuths with the help of her friends to find the culprit. It's a race against time before Penelope becomes the third victim.

Penelope and The Birthday Curse weaves a mystery with madcap characters, who-done-it clues and non-stop action that's a fun read for the whole family. The story is full of humor, suspense, and mystery that will keep the reader guessing until the very end.

Only 99 cents. November 23 through December 1